During the winter months, it is important to consider the effects of the weather on your home and business. There can be no greater winter weather issue than the effects of snow on your home or business operations, that’s why it is important to consider how to protect yourself from weather-related damage.

This guide to proper snow removal processes, services and rates will help you take the guesswork out of what can be a time-consuming process. One of the best ways to ensure that your property is properly protected from winter-related damage is by proper removal of snow from your property.

What Snow Removal Is

Snow removalBasically, snow removal is the removal of standing snow and ice to ensure the proper operation and maintenance of a home or building services from the effects of snow and ice. Removed snow and ice are then taken to a designated snow removal site for disposal in order to ensure that any chemical within the snow has been disposed of correctly.

There are several different operations involved with the removal or prevention of snow and ice. These are as follows:

  • De-icing – is the process of melting and thawing existing snow and ice off a surface by means of scraping or the application of ice melting chemicals such as salt.
  • Anti-icing – is a process involving building treatment with ice preventing chemicals before a snow event such as brine to stop the build-up snow and ice on surfaces.
  • Shoveling – is an important way to prevent structural damage from already accumulated snow by means of shoveling, snow blowers, snow picks and snow shovels. Snow removal services often use snow removal equipment to help aid in snow removal.

Each of these processes such as roof snow removal involves thought and careful consideration to the amount of snow and ice on a surface, such as a roof or a driveway plus the rules or laws that govern the area your home or business is in.

How a Snow Removal Service Can Help You

Snow removalBecause snow removal can often be a time-consuming process with a great deal of physical stress and is often the responsibility of the property owner or building management, it is sometimes a good idea to consider a snow removal service to help remove accumulated snow.

Snow removal contractors take the guesswork and stress out of snow removal by using snow equipment and labor to save you time on removing it. Some of the advantages are that they have the right equipment, chemicals, and manpower to make snow removal a clinch.

If you are considering hiring a snow contractor for a snow removal contract, weight the positives and negatives of the situation before making a decision such as the distance the contractor will need to travel, is the company reliable, do they provide roof snow removal services, are they insured for working on higher surfaces and how long is the contract for their services.

Great snow removal companies will be communicative and will keep you in the loop about how the removal process is going plus what you can expect from the job. They also strive to maintain an efficient and timely service for completing a contracted job while also being painstakingly careful to plan and prepare a proper snow removal service to satisfy customers while avoiding any potential damage to property or landscaping.

When choosing a removal contractor, be sure to fill them in totally on individual circumstances in order to receive the best price quote for you.

What Can You Expect to Pay for Reliable Snow Removal?

The rate you can expect to pay for Snow removal companies services depends on different factors that need to be taken into account:

  • The length of a driveway or parking lot area. Larger areas mean a greater price for snow and ice removal.
  • Type of snow removal equipment used. Snow blowers can’t be used in tight, enclosed spaces or on certain surfaces such as hard ice, this should be taken into account before you request service.
  • Company response time. Seasonal temperatures and job demand can often affect a snow removal company’s response time and the rate that would be charged for removal.
  • The area in which you live. Expect to pay more in an area that gets greater snowfall or in higher elevations. However, you can expect to pay less during winter months due to the fast availability of snow.
  • Does the area need to be plowed. Areas with heavy snow removal needs can expect to pay a heightened rate.

How Much Does Snow Removal Cost?

Snow removalAccording to Costhelper.com, average snow removal rates for plowing a driveway varies, but can run at $30 to $45. The generalized rate for snow blowers ranges for light snow removal upwards of between $100 to $500 for electric snow shovels plus snow throwers.

For heavy snow accumulation of over 7 inches or more, single stage gas blowers can clear an area for about $350 – $800. Heavy residential snow removal jobs of large spaces or steep slopes can run upwards of $1000-$3500 while using a two-stage gas snow thrower.

Consider signing up for plowing before snow season starts in order to get the best rates and if looking to cut costs for removal, be sure to look into local public works departments that sometimes charge minimal rates for snow removal of private driveways.

Be sure to remember that estimates given can sometimes change depending on the individual situation, the amount of snow to be removed and its disposal. Review and understand what the removal contract states will need to be paid for the work to be done and under what circumstances quoted rates might change.

Putting it all together

Snow removal doesn’t have to be a stressful or time-consuming process. Not when you take into account the basics of understanding the snow removal process, how to use the snow removal service companies and the costs involved having any snow removal work done. By reviewing this guide, be assured that you’re well on your way to streamlining the best snow removal services for you, your home, your property or business.