Safety harnesses are used for dangerous rescues and to provide safety for people who work in elevated situations. They offer a comfortable and secure way to help reduce the risk of injury or death from a fall. Preventing dangerous injuries should be the guideline for any situation where people could fall. The answer to the question of when do you need to wear a safety harness, is simple, whenever you need to reduce the risk of injury from a fall.

There are a number of good alternatives for safety harnesses to reduce the risk of falls. Most of the suppliers offer harnesses that meet more intense safety standards for special job risks. Here are six of the best choices for a variety of purposes.

1. 3M™ Protecta First™ AB17510

a blue 3M Protecta safety harness

The Protecta First design is one of the simplest safety harnesses for multipurpose use. The AB17510 uses an easy slip-through design for the leg straps allowing for an easy on, easy off set up for workers.

This harness has a number of applications but is especially useful for situations where the worker may have the opportunity to take the harness off periodically. It uses a durable mesh construction with a pass-through chest buckle for fast attaching and removal of any lanyards.

This model uses a 3-ring design and fits universal sizes. 3M produces more elaborate fall protection harnesses, but the Protecta First is a simple design for situations that only require basic fall security.

Price: $30.

2. Hunter Safety System X-1 Bowhunter Safety Harness

a Hunter safety system harness

The Hunter model is listed as a treestand safety harness but has multipurpose capabilities. The Hunter Safety System X-1 is lightweight, weighing slightly over 2 pounds. It is a trim design that incorporates a Hunter patent, which removes any dangerous straps that dangle. The X-1 Bowhunter safety harness also eliminates weave-through buckles.

Hunter uses a soft fabric, brushed to provide a comfortable fit. Hunters and workers can use specially modified clothing to wear the harness under layers of clothing to deal with cold temperatures. While perfect for any fall protection purpose, the X-1 uses a camouflage pattern for hunting.

There is a primary tree strap for safety, plus a suspension relief lanyard to quickly rappel out of the stand if the need calls. There is also a drag strap standard, for hauling large game through the woods. The Hunter Safety System X-1 is hugely popular with hunters but also adheres to construction grade safety standards.

Price: $48.95 – $94.99.

3. NARA SAFE NS9300008 Full Body Harness

a blue Nara safe full body harness

An excellent choice in safety harnesses, if you’re looking for design flexibility, is the NARA SAFE NS9300000 Full Body Harness. This model has an oversized dorsal ring to help prevent falls.

However, unlike some very simple fall protection harnesses, it adds a large chest ring, plus rings on each side for ascent/descent and precision positioning. These are welcome features for climbing situations or emergency rescue teams who need to rappel.

It has an ergonomic design for a more comfortable fit, plus adds padding to the shoulder straps for comfort. There is a padded lumbar support for situations where the harness must be worn for long hours. This is one of many NARA SAFE safety harnesses, which meets international fall protection standards as well as those imposed by OHSA.

Price: $135.

4. Miller by Honeywell P950QC-7/UGN DuraFlex Python Full-Body Ultra Harnesses

a green Miller full body safety harness

Like NARA SAFE, Miller produces several full-body fall protection harnesses. The DuraFlex Python P950QC-7/UGN is an excellent Miller safety harness. The DuraFlex Python incorporates unique, flexible webbing for added comfort.

The shoulder straps use cushioned tubular webbing to reduce soreness around the neck and eliminate shoulder strain. The DuraFlex Python by Miller combines an extra-large ring, with a safety harness with shock absorbing lanyard.

Stretchable DuraFlex webbing in the lower torso provides improved mobility, so workers or climbers will experience less fatigue. The Python Full-Body Ultra Harness meets all OHSA, ANSI and CSA standards, so it is recommended for construction and manufacturing ventures, plus other circumstances that require you to adapt quickly to changing situations.

Price: $136.

5. Petzl Newton EasyFit

a large black Petzl Newton easyfit harness

The Petzl Newton EasyFit is designated as a fall arrest harness because that is exactly what it is. This is a vest harness, which envelops the body of the user, to provide one of the most comfortable fits in fall protection harnesses.

This model of safety harness meets industry standards worldwide, so it is adaptable for all purposes. The EasyFit design of the Petzl Newton allows you to quickly put the vest-style harness on in a variety of conditions. There is a self-locking double back ring with an easy adjustment feature.

The Petzl Newton EasyFit has extra equipment loops and a convenient bag slot for tool pouches. This model has a unique stowage system for fall arrest lanyards positioned on each shoulder strap. While a vest-style harness, it is still breathable and provides the ultimate in comfort if it needs to be worn for long periods.

Price: $230 – $250.

6. Fusion Climb Tac-Scape Heavy Duty Tactical Full Body Padded H Style Rescue Harness

a complex Fusion Climb safety harness

Many times, fall protection equipment benefits from having flexible uses. Equipment that uses a 5 point safety harness system provides exceptional safety and a great deal of flexibility. The Fusion Climb Tac-Scape Heavy Duty Tactical Style Rescue Harness is one of the most popular options available.

The Fusion Climb H-Style Rescue Harness does cost more than some basic models, but it offers a tremendous level of fall protection. Each buckle rates to 4000 pounds of torque and the stitching to 5000 pounds. It is one of the best safety harness designs on the market.

The H-Style Rescue Harness is used nationwide by rescue agencies and is one of the only handmade harnesses sold. There are extra shoulder and waist padding for improved comfort. This harness can be worn for hours without causing discomfort. This harness exceeds all OHSA and international safety standards.

Price: $280.

Let’s Recap

These are just a few quality safety harnesses that have multipurpose use specifications. Everyone who is presented with a situation where they must work at dangerous heights needs to consider fall protection.

If you’re part of a work environment, in all likelihood there are minimum standards you meet. Even if you’re electing to work or play at dangerous heights by your own choice, these safety harnesses are great for reducing the risk of fall for all purposes.

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