Whether its troubleshooting issues with an air conditioning system or calculating the right refrigerant charge to use, performing air conditioning jobs can't be done effectively without the proper information and tools that enable you to perform your job.

Refrigeration apps make it easier to perform a/c jobs by turning your mobile device into an onsite refrigerant charge calculator, which can be used to determine subheat, subcooling, airflow calculations, and more. In addition, many of these apps also provide information regarding the most common types of refrigerants, charts, a/c reference terms, potential hazards and more.

Top 7 Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Apps

Some of the most commonly preferred refrigeration apps in the industry include:

1. HVAC Buddy

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HVAC Buddy has won numerous awards and it’s one of the best choices for contracting apps. It is also hailed as one of the best all-in-one refrigeration apps in the industry.

This refrigerant and charging diagnostic HVAC app helps users understand the correct coolant to use and provides real time temperature updates, so you can instantly gauge your job performance.

It includes information for over 70 different refrigerants, Superheat and Subcool tables, Airflow and Teet calculations, and more.

Other helpful features of the HVAC Buddy app include metric (SI) or Imperial (IP) capabilities, overcharge, leaks, and contamination diagnosis, actual vs. targeted calculations, emails regarding system status reports, easy to understand instructions.

HVAC Buddy can be downloaded at Google Play and iTunes and is available for both iOS and Android.

2. Refrigerant Slider

Refrigerant Slider maintains a 4.5 star ranking on Google Play and has been downloaded over 450,000 times, making it the most preferred refrigerant app by HVAC professionals from all over.

It instantly transforms your smartphone into a simple-to-use pressure-to-temperature refrigerant conversion scale, using Antoine equations for Dew and Bubble Points, for more than 60 different refrigerants, including both natural and traditional, which is just perfect while on the job.

In addition, it also includes data for each refrigerant, such as the Ozone Depleting Potential (ODP) and the Global Warming Potential (GWP).

Refrigerant Slider is compatible with Android and iOS and is available on iTunes and Google Play.

3. HVAC Check and Charge

HVAC Check and Charge app

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The HVAC Check and Charge app, brought to you by Emerson Climate, is an onsite charge calculator app that enables users to compute a charge for air conditioners with apps.

This calculator, which is based on historic sliding cardboard charge, gives instant readings about the proper charge for R-410A and R-22 systems. Users simply select the Airflow, Subcooling (TXV), or Superheat(non TXV) calculator, then enter the specified system temperatures in addition to the sensible and latent environment loads.

Once you select the calculator you wish to use, you can determine the right charge and get a variety of systems up and running in no time.

HVAC Check and Charge is iOS and Android compatible and can be downloaded at Google Play and iTunes.

4. iManifold

The iManifold app differs from other refrigeration apps in that in addition to calculating HVAC/R system performance, it also troubleshoots existing problems in the system.

There are over 40 refrigerants to choose from, and user can input live system data in order to find the root cause of issues in HVAC/R units as well as customize equipment specification options for the specific unit they are addressing and new features are added regularly. For example, the 0.9.4 version includes gas furnace check updates, evacuation tests for BluVac micron/vacuum gauge support added to Quick Tests and Testing Performance, and more.

You can download the app at Google Play and iTunes, and it is compatible with iOS and Android.

5. HVAC Professional

HVAC Professional Formulator provides a simple way to quickly access the information you need.

You can search through 200 formulas and 18 charts, with additional formulas and charts added frequently, as well as the full international mechanical codes. Users can also access recently used codes and mark formulas as favorites.

The pro version, which is just perfect for air conditioning and heating ventilating professionals, includes refrigerant classification, air change, mass flow rate, chiller coefficient, compression ratio, air unit tonnage output, chiller unit tonnage output, and more. The program also includes area formulas and conversion calculations.

HVAC Professional is available for iOS and can be downloaded on iTunes.

6. HVAC Refrigerant PT - A/C

The HVAC Refrigerant PT - A/C app is a comprehensive guide to refrigerants.

There are over 30 refrigerants included, each which include temperature and pressure charts, detailed information on physical properties, potential hazards, and both Dew point and Bubble points are clearly visible for each refrigerant, which makes it the ideal companion for those looking to learn while they work.

In addition, the personalized setting allows for Celcius or Farenheit temperatures and seven seven pressure measurements.

HVAC Refrigerant is available on iTunes and Google Play and is compatible with both iOS and Android.

7. Refrigerant PressTemp HVACR

This refrigeration app allows users to access information for more than 40 service refrigeration systems, including R11, R-21, R-400, and R-E245fa1, just to name a few, with updates added frequently.

In addition, the app also includes color codes, Fahrenheit and Celsius readings, and retrofits, where needed.

Refrigerant PressTemp HVACR is compatible with iOS and can be downloaded on iTunes.


Summing Up

Refrigeration apps will help make you feel more confident with your air conditioning project by providing the information needed to expand your knowledge, which in turn will help you make sound decisions concerning your project. Not to mention, the handy HVAC tools will help simplify your job.

These are just a few of the refrigeration apps available; however, it is recommended that you scroll through your smartphone app store to discover the best refrigeration apps for you. And please be sure to share your comments and opinions on your favorite apps that you feel others could benefit from, as well.