Normally, when people buy property management software, they do this because they want to increase productivity and save themselves and their staff from having to do unnecessary work. Property management software is also sometimes more convenient to tenants.

Before you start, however, you will want the software to do a few things. First, it should receive rent payments, track vacancies and accept applications, and screen tenants. What property management software can automate your work, allowing for more efficiency? Here are the best options you can find today.

Best Property Management Software


Buildium property management software

Buildium takes a step beyond the basics of property management. The online portal lets tenants log in, pay their rent, and make maintenance requests. Tenants can also chat on the community message board.

Alongside tenants, property owners have a section of the software where they can log in to view their monthly statements. In addition, Buildium will give them their year-end 1099. For a property manager, they can access a dashboard to view the delinquencies and track them better. They will also see move in/move out dates and lease expiration.

Where Buildium falls apart relates to the free websites the company offers. First, they look a little dated. If you want a simple place for tenants to pay rent, no problem, but for property managers just starting out, they will want a more professional website to attract more customers.

Buildium offers a full spectrum of features, but the “How To” files need better navigability. Also, do not underestimate the value of the setup. While individuals have many ways to add information, when done in the wrong order it causes confusion and problems later.


Propertyware property manager

Made for the medium to the large-scale property manager, this property management software operates well for those who want turnkey property management. Property managers receive a host of leasing and marketing features, and they can rank their website higher on Google.

Propertyware glistens with uniqueness because the company employs an in-house team of copywriters, designers and web analytics experts who will make your company sparkle with world-class quality.

The only catch to this software lies in its price. You can pay upwards of $350 a month just for Propertyware’s digital marketing services. In addition, you will have to fork over an extra $150 for the setup fee. For a smaller landlord, Propertyware has no feasibility.


AppFolio features

As far as rent payments go, AppFolio lets residents authorize their credit cards and bank accounts through the resident portal. This lets them send their rent payments online. Employees, residents and property managers can also make maintenance requests through AppFolio. Pictures added to describe the problem allow for better maintenance, and vendors can also track time. A lot like Buildium, property managers can make a recurring work request with AppFolio for both monthly and standard maintenance.

The app lets property inspectors document the condition of the property through photos, and they can track the time taken for maintenance workers. As property management software AppFolio lets property managers throw away their clipboard, track their work time and conduct inspections.

The websites AppFolio offers look much nicer than Buildium. While individuals only pay $50 a month for it, the steep $1,000 setup fee could scare some people off. With that said, users of this property management software receive free basic SEO optimization, Google Analytics to monitor traffic and a blog.

Maintenance Connection

Maintenance Connection software

The ease of use behind Maintenance Connection has turned into a key selling point for this property management software, but keep in mind, ease of use does not mean a lack of features. A lot of property managers do not want to spend hours trying to comprehend the software, and that’s where this software comes in.

Users will enjoy both detailed and flexible plans. People can customize the software as they see fit. Tracking work that needs accomplishing takes time, but this property management software can assign specific tasks to technicians and track the projects as they finish.

For those who plan to use a tablet program, however, Maintenance Connection feels awkward and usage will be limited. Before buying Maintenance Connection, look at the purpose of the program. For example, individuals should make computer access available to anyone who must respond, create or complete a work order. The tablet platform turns into a problem because its function does not work well with detailed reports. Still, for those who want to collect rent payment, send a notice or track their properties, Maintenance Connection turns into an invaluable tool.

Rentec Direct

Rentec Direct

Property management software that does not take much to use, it works great for residential property management. Setup does not take much. Even someone who owns 25 rental properties will find the software easy to use, and individuals can view their information from almost anywhere. This property management software also includes a free program to try it before buying.

Should a person encounter problems with Rentec Direct, they can contact customer service for fast and friendly support. In fact, the software includes a knowledge base where experts answer most of the questions before customers have to call in.

Rentec Direct continually improves their software to rank it near the top. In fact, people who have a complaint can submit a request. It does take some time for them to implement them, but the company probably receives many suggestions every day. The reports on this software also need more customization options. Still, a lot of property managers say they will not go anywhere else but Rentec Direct.

For someone in need of excellent property management software, they have many to choose from. Before picking, however, they should first look at the purpose and understand the pros and cons of each product. Some will fit better for a larger company because the setup fees and the total cost will be easier to leap over when the individual already has a thriving business.

As a beginner, having good tech support can pay off because questions get answered in a more timely manner. Also, look at the niche of these products because while some products work broadly, others will target specific markets like commercial, residential, homeowner’s associations or university housing.

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