Are you looking for a clever and cheap way to completely transform your living space but worried you just don’t have the room to do anything else? In today’s day and age, living spaces are getting smaller and smaller, and people are trying to find ways to make the most out of their tiny quarters. That’s where partition walls have gained their popularity.

Partition walls are popping up more and more in modern design, and it’s no secret why. It’s a cheap and effective way to divide a space, create dimensions, and personalize your apartment, condo, or home in a way that’s completely you. If you’re ready to maximize your living space’s potential, keep reading to find out the top 10 ways to design a partition wall to divide your space like a design professional!


What Is a Partition Wall?

A partition wall is an interior wall or structural element that is used as a divider in a living space. Partition walls are generally not load-bearing, meaning that the wall is not being used to support the weight of any structure or part of your home or building. That being said, it is not uncommon for partitions to be both structural and useful in design.

Partition walls are usually made up of many manmade and organic materials such as steel panels, plastic, wood, clay, glass, and even cloth. Just because it is a termed a “wall” doesn’t mean that it has to be a traditional floor to ceiling, dry walled, wall. Partition walls can take many forms and even be a simple sheet hanging from the rafters to divide a space.


What Are They Used For?

Partition walls can be used for a plethora of purposeful uses aside from sheer design capability. Some partition walls, although uncommon, can be load-bearing or used for acoustic insulation. Many other partition walls are used to section off living units and be the housing for machinery, electricity, water supplies, and more.


10 Ways to Design Yours

Are you looking for a way to update or upgrade your living space? Do you have a small apartment, condo, or house, that just doesn’t feel like home? It sounds like it’s time to consider all that a partition wall can do for you and your space! Below we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 ways to design a partition wall that will take your room to the next level. Keep reading below for more:

1. Cozy Bathroom

cozy bathroom

First on our list of great partition designs is the partition wall to create a comfortable bathroom and powder room. Our inspiration comes from Hong Kong design where they maximize space by cutting bedrooms short, not quite floor to ceiling, partition. On the other side? A cute and personalized area to get ready in the morning.

This space could easily become tight with the lack of space but keeping things simple with a vanity and some storage makes it an ideal and open space. Due to the fact that the wall itself doesn’t reach all the way up to the ceiling gives it a more airy and open-concept feel.

2. Hidden Bathroom

hidden bathroom

When you’re living in an apartment or small living space, it is not uncommon for it to have awkward and tight bathrooms. That is usually due to the lack of space available and to keep costs down. If you’re sick of your bathroom sticking out like a sore thumb, try adding a partition wall! Hiding your bathroom or blending it in with the existing walls or space can truly open up a room to new possibilities.

3. Traditional 4-Poster Bed


Believe it or not, a conventional 4-poster bed is an excellent way to create division in an open space. This is especially true if you have an open-concept floor plan and are looking for some way to differentiate your bed or bedroom area from the rest of your space. With a 4-poster bed, you can add fabric or curtains around it to help it feel genuinely separate when in use and when not in use. This is also a wonderful trick if you live with more than one person and are looking for more privacy.

4. Double Dividers

double divider

An exciting and unique way to divide a room is not with one but with two partitions. We’re not talking about an extra long wall; instead, we’re talking about flanking a space or opening on either side with a narrow divider. This is a great way to bring the symmetry together in a room. Just be sure you pick dividers that don’t block light. Try to find walls or dividers with cut-out patterns for added dimension and shine.

5. Personal Dressing Room


Something we love more than cozy partitioned bathrooms is cozy intimate dressing rooms. This divider actually goes from floor to ceiling, and while one side is a flat wall, the other can feature racks and additional storage to transform it into a wardrobe. Not only does this create a fun, go-to getting ready area, but it also helps divide and make the most of your space!

6. Breezy Curtains


Curtains are one of the most inexpensive ways to create a partition wall for your space. What’s even better? If you have rafters or exposed ceiling beams, you won’t need any hooks or additional hardware. Simply throw the curtains up for an instant whimsical and sensual feel to any space.

7. Storage Walls


Do you need more storage space? Who doesn’t? Another great idea for a partition wall is a storage wall. If you’re already taking the effort to build a wall, why not add some storage if the housing doesn’t need to be used for anything else critical like electrical work? In small spaces and especially apartments, storage space is lacking. Adding additional storage to your room divider not only makes your life easier, but it also helps increase resale value down the line!

8. Glass Walls And Dividers


Looking for a great way to divide your space without losing any light? In small spaces, unless you have floor to ceiling windows, you probably wish you had more natural light. By installing a glass wall or divider, you get the same divided space with a design that helps bring light into the rest of the space instead of blocking it off.

A glass wall is also an excellent partition wall choice if you’re looking to divide or add more dimension to your bathroom. Trading out shower curtains for glass doors or dividing the vanities with a glass divider can be a fun and modern twist on bathroom partition.

9. Bookshelves


A bookshelf is a great way to divide almost any living space. Versatile for bathrooms, living rooms, and bedrooms, a bookshelf can be a great partition. Try looking for bookshelves without backs for a seamless transition on both sides of the room.

What’s fun about bookshelves is that not only can books be a decoration accessory by color coordinating the covers, but bookshelves can house many other nicknacks and storage accessories. Adding pull tab drawers into cubby holes can add a whole new design element to your bookshelf partition.

10. Movable Dividers

moving divider

Last on our list is one of the most versatile and customizable partition walls available to customize your space: the movable and portable divider. Although curtains were the most affordable option, the movable divider comes in at a close second. What’s great about a portable partition wall is that it doesn’t require any hardware to set up and generally requires little to absolutely no assembly.

A movable divider is ideal if you live in an apartment or space that is not your own. Forget about patching up holes when you move, doing construction, or repainting. With a portable divider, you can transform your space without the hassle!

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking to hide an awkwardly shaped bedroom, a tight bathroom, or add dimension to an open-concept apartment, a partition wall may be the design tip you need to completely transform your space. Taking a look at the options above, it’s clear that there is a plethora of beautiful renovation inspirations for your next project.

All it takes is a little bit of planning and critical thinking about your space to create a partition that works for your needs. Just remember to try to avoid blocking off any natural lighting with a divider of any sort. If you’re interested in a divider but it blocks natural light from the windows try selecting a divider that is sheer in nature, see-through like glass, or features cut-outs that allow some lighting to get through. The wrong divider or partition can be a serious eye-sore in a space, so it’s imperative that you get the right one for your space.

Whichever partition wall you choose, you’ll have a modern and updated design space that is fully customized to fit you and your living space needs. Don’t forget to have fun, experiment with colors, shapes, and textures, and be safe when performing any form of construction!