Picking the right building management software is often a very difficult process. You have to consider the training requirements, overall costs, and the flexibility offered by the software. One example of a program to consider is Metasys.

This article is going to explain what Metasys is. It will explore several important aspects like the training requirements and the main purposes the software is used for. In addition, it will cover the main pros and cons associated with the product.

What Is Metasys?

Metasys technology is a type of software application known as BMS. The software is manufactured by Jonhson & Johnson. It integrates with a variety of different building systems including HVAC, security, lighting, and protection systems.

The system works via a modular design and can be customized to fit a wide variety of different needs. Additional modules can be purchased separately as your building is upgraded to control additional lighting features and more. Metasys is primarily used to help manage energy usage and improve the security of buildings. The software and modules are available for purchase from the Metasys Johnson Controls website.

a tablet showing the Metasys software

The Training Requirement for Metasys Software Usage

To begin using this software for yourself, you will need to undergo appropriate training. All of the training required to use Metasys is offered by Johnson & Johnson. For those who are on a budget or prefer to pace themselves, there are several options to consider.

The best options for these types of people are definitely the DVDs and CBT modules. The price for them varies by module. For the two CBT modules relating to this software, you can expect to pay a total of $494.

For those who prefer classroom settings, Johnson & Johnson offers traditional HVAC courses. There is no pricing information listed for these courses on their website. However, they are likely more expensive than the CBT modules. With this in mind, these are still an excellent fit for professionals who want to take advantage of the continued education opportunities that Johnson & Johnson offers to advance their professional careers.

What Metasys Extended Architecture Can Do for You

Metasys can connect to a wide variety of different electrical components within a typical building. The main thing that the system is routinely integrated with is the building’s HVAC system. It is used to control the temperature remotely and to establish automatic temperature changes during certain times of the day.

It is also frequently used to control the lighting systems within a building. It can be used to automatically dim or shut off lights throughout the building at closing time. These features make it a great choice for saving energy and more.

In addition to HVAC and lighting use, one can also connect it to security systems. It can monitor cameras remotely, disable alarms, and even activate a panic mode in emergency situations remotely.

An additional safety feature that Metasys often is incorporated with is the fire control system within a building. This allows remote access to things like sprinklers and more in the event of an emergency. It provides a feature that notifies building managers of any problems the software detects within a system like pressure changes and more.

the Metasys building automation platform screenshot

The Pros of Metasys

There is no denying that Metasys is a very useful product. This section is going to focus on the main pros associated with this software. These elements are the main reasons most building managers decide to use the software regularly and will likely play the biggest role in your decision to purchase it.

  • Flexible training options: The flexible training options are perfect for both self-paced learners and traditional classroom types.
  • Endless customization: The modular design of Metasys means that it can be adapted for just about any type of building design.
  • Energy savings: The biggest benefit to using this software is that you can expect to see a large uptick in energy conservation.
  • Improved safety: The ability to remotely monitor the security system within a building is a great safety feature.

The Cons of Metasys

Despite all the pros associated with Metasys, there are several cons that need to be considered as well. This section is going to examine the main negative elements associated with this software. Before making a buying decision, pay careful attention to the items mentioned in this section.

  • High module cost: Some of the modules are extremely high in price. For example, the integrator controller cost $1,499.99.
  • No software price listing: Another downside to consider is that the software has no price listing on the website. You have to request more information for a price listing.
  • Johnson & Johnson provided training only: One of the biggest downsides is that the only training solutions for this program are offered by Johnson & Johnson. There are no current third-party sources available.

Summing It Up

Metasys is an excellent example of a reliable BMS solution. It is customizable, offers all of the training required to run it, and is manufactured by a reliable company. The main drawbacks are that they need more transparent pricing for their software and there need to be some third-party training solutions available. If you have used Metasys yourself, tell us about your experience with the software.

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