HVAC units are usually quite reliable. It is the reason most of these units come with five-year warranties or longer. However, this does not mean that these units are not prone to problems. It can be quite often especially if the HVAC unit breaks down in the middle of summer or the coldest days of winter. It can lead to serious medical problems or cause businesses to shut down. However, any HVAC problems you experience are not unique to you. Here is a breakdown of common issues and the solutions.

HVAC Repair – How It Works

HVAC repairThe HVAC repair process entails dealing with all issues that may arise with an HVAC unit. In some instances, specialized equipment may be required when conducting an HVAC repair. For instance, commercial HVAC repair may require that you use specialized lifting cranes. These units are usually massive, and they require to be moved. The process of conducting an HVAC repair is quite complex. For instance, even a small issue such as refrigerant leak requires a lot of expertise.

It would not be enough to add refrigerant to such a unit. A technician with experience in HVAC repair needs to come to your home or office. He or she will estimate how much refrigerant is needed in your unit. It is worth noting that not all refrigerants work for your unit. Each manufacturer has strict standards for the brand and amount of refrigerant. Using too much could cause the unit to operate inefficiently, leading to a higher energy bill.

Other areas that are covered in HVAC repair are sensor repairs. Broken sensors could lead to the unit running above the set units. A unit that is running even above one degree could greatly raise the home’s energy bill.

Common HVAC Problems and Why You Should Fix Them ASAP

HVAC repairHeat Leakage

There are numerous advantages to conducting HVAC duct repair and other repairs to your HVAC unit. One benefit is that it leads to huge cost savings for businesses and homes. When an HVAC unit is operating below its optimal capacity, there is usually lots of wastage. For one, it could be leaking heat to the outside.

The result is that the heating unit has to work harder to compensate for the lost heat. The result is that the unit will also have a shorter lifespan. Consequently, its lifetime will be shorter, and you will have to purchase a new one. Even with a good warranty, you will have to incur some costs to get a new unit such as installation costs and transport costs.

Low-Quality Breathing Air

Another benefit of conducting HVAC repairs is that it leads to better air quality. While a faulty HVAC unit may still work, it will have dire consequences for your health. For instance, operating a unit with a refrigerant leak is harmful to your health. The fumes could lead to breathing problems in young children and people prone to asthmatic attacks. Additionally, a faulty unit could result in the growth of mold in the home. The effects of poisonous gas on human health are well documented.


Regular repairs will ensure a healthy homestead without any health issues. One of the most basic reasons to repair an HVAC unit is increased comfort. It can be quite stressful leaving in a house in the middle of the sweltering summer heat with a faulty unit. It will lead to less productivity among household members, especially at work. Personal comfort should be the priority of all HVAC repairs.

Fire Hazard

HVAC repair is also an effective way to avoid potential disasters. An HVAC unit with issues could potentially catch fire. If that happens, it could cause a lot of monetary loss and potential loss of life. Besides that, an HVAC unit with problems could affect the structural integrity of a home or building. The result is those irreplaceable things such personal photos could be lost forever. Utilizing services of professional HVAC repair companies is important.

HVAC units are quite expensive to purchase. Attempting to cut costs by hiring a hack could prove quite expensive in the end. Besides, the costs of HVAC emergency repair can be quite high because of the shoddy work was done by a hack.

How Much Does HVAC Repair Cost?

HVAC repairThe HVAC repair cost is dependent on many factors. One of the factors that determine the cost is location. In some regions, finding a good price can be quite difficult. Additionally, emergency HVAC repair will usually cost more than conducting a regular repair. An emergency HVAC repair is usually needed when a unit breaks down unexpectedly. For instance, it may break down during a busy working day. You would need to call an emergency service unless you want to undergo huge losses on that day.

Another factor that determines the cost of HVAC repair is the experience of the technician. More experienced ones will charge you more. Additionally, calling a technician on the weekend or in the evenings will usually cost you more. At times, you may be forced to pay the technician despite having not done any work. For instance, an HVAC repair technician may discover that the problem is electrical in nature. In such a case, you will have to pay him or her for the consultative service. On average, you will be expected to pay the technician for a service call about $40 to $250.

Depending on how extensive the issue is, the cost could rise to as high as $1,500. It usually happens when the technician has to replace a part entirely. Additionally, some HVAC models could cause the cost to rise. The reason is that some of the brands use parts that are quite hard to find.

Most homeowners are clueless on how their HVAC system works. Consequently, it is important to invite an HVAC expert at the sign of trouble. For instance, if you notice that the electronics are faulty; do not hesitate. Simply ask an expert to check everything.