Making certain the guests of the hotel have a pleasant experience in their rooms is the key to running a successful hotel. In order to make certain each guest has a memorable experience, routine maintenance efforts can make or break the business. An in-depth hotel maintenance consists of emergency handling and routine maintenance. These steps provide the guests all the comforts of their home and more.

Overlooking even something minor during the routine maintenance could negatively impact the business moving forward. Poor hotel maintenance efforts could damage the reputation and image of the hotel, and significantly impact revenue.

The following hotel maintenance checklist consists of daily routines that promote long-lasting success.

1. Inspect the Hotel Equipment

Throughout the hotel, there will be a number of pieces of equipment that guests will be using. These assets need daily maintenance. The hotel staff should have a folder that contains all the owner’s manuals for these pieces of equipment. This includes a list of contact numbers should these devices are in an urgent need of repair.

Include on the hotel maintenance checklist, a schedule of each part that needs cleaning and service throughout the year. Mobile parts like gym equipment will need daily cleanings and a weekly oiling. Devices like ice machines may only need weekly inspections and cleanings.

Inside the guest rooms, the heating and air conditioning system vents require daily cleaning for health consideration. The coils and filters also need to be inspected and cleaned to prevent possible overheating. All fire-protection equipment throughout the hotel needs to receive daily inspections. Make certain that they comply with all local regulations.

2. Rating Your Overall Experience

The only way that the hotel can improve the guest experience is hearing from the customers what areas require improvements. The trouble is, most hotel chains wait until the guest is home. Only after that, do they e-mail them to rate their experience.

By this time, most of them are too busy to bother. They could very well forget some of the smaller issues that could have improved their overall experience and that of future guests. Part of the hotel maintenance checklist should be getting feedback from the guests while they are still in the hotel.

Hotel management can easily tell when the end of a guest’s stay is approaching. This should be the time that staff members place a rating card on the beds after they are made. The guests will see the rating card on their last night in the room. This way, it is more than likely that they will fill out the card and leave it in the room or drop off at the front desk.

3. Clean the Guests Rooms

person in uniform opening hotel room door with a view to a bed, table, window curtains

Since the guests will spend the majority of their time in the hotel room, the hotel maintenance checklist should focus most of the effort on this point. Housekeeping staff should have a clipboard with this checklist. They have to work through it each day and sign off whenever they complete each task in case issues arise with a guest.

They should change towels and bed linens every day. Any hotel toiletries like shampoos, soaps, conditioners, moisturizer, and toilet paper, must all be replaced. Once the beds are made and floors vacuumed, the staff should disinfect the entire area, including mirrors, bathtub, table tops, and shower.

Employees can place hangers back in closets, put the hairdryer back in its place, and replace any used cutlery and plates. If the room has a mini bar, the staff members can refill it. During the time in the room, housekeepers can inspect lighting for any burnt out bulbs, and check the bathroom for leaks in the toilet, sink or shower area. The TV and all electrical devices should receive further tests to make sure they are working well before leaving the room.

4. Clean the Common Areas

Hotel furniture and flooring in public areas see high traffic and get heavy use. These areas should be cleaned at least once every day. If the hotel has a swimming pool and spa, pool technicians should be checking the quality of the water to ensure it is balanced correctly. Guests should also find new towels in abundance. Specialists should not disregard gym equipment either and include it in their cleaning and disinfection agenda.

Moreover, dining areas should receive thorough cleaning after meals, including tables, chairs, floors, as well as all trash receptacles emptied frequently.Vending machines need cleaning as well. If out of supplies, the hotel should contact the vending company for a refill. The landscaping team should be on site daily to clean up fallen leaves, cut the grass, edge the walkways, and give the exterior of the hotel an inviting appearance.

5. Hotel Emergency Equipment

red lifesaver at the edge of a hotel pool

Emergencies still occur at the hotel despite the very best efforts. There should be at least one employee on call at all times to handle emergencies. He or she should be responsible for emergency equipment inspections and maintenance. The pool and spa area should receive flotation devices and other emergency equipment on hand in the event someone needs help in the water.

Each guest room should have a working smoke detector, as well as hallways, lobby, and any other rooms the guest might be utilizing. In the event the elevator fails, stairways need to be clearly marked and should be free of any obstructions.

There must be fire extinguishers positioned strategically throughout the hotel that are all in working order. On the back of every guest room door should be a map that indicates how to evacuate the hotel safely in case of emergency.

The Importance of Feedback

As you can see, this hotel maintenance checklist consists of measures that will enhance the guest experience. All hotels could gin a lot by implementing these routines.

Is there something you noticed at the hotel you usually visit that needs improvements? Can you think of something else the hotel should be doing to improve the guest experience? Leave your comments concerning things you think should be included in this hotel maintenance checklist.

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