While finding a lifesaving and trustworthy protection harness can sometimes prove difficult, the persevering search to own one will not be regretted. What reasons might you want to choose Guardian Fall Protection? The fall arrest system on many of these harnesses combines work positioning, rescue, and a rope access application.

For example, if you made use of the one of the Guardian Fall Protection harnesses, you can put it on when ascending a ladder or working on a building for a longer period. In this review, we will discuss the pros and cons of Guardian harnesses and the reasons why you should buy one.

Reasons to Buy a Harness Manufactured by Guardian Fall Protection

  • More safety when working on projects from up high.
  • Harness sizes fit the needs of most customers.
  • Guardian Fall Protection offers a no charge exchange policy if the harness doesn’t fit.
  • Employees at Guardian Fall Protection know their products, and they thrive to exceed clients’ expectations.

Long History of 24 Years

For almost a quarter of a century, Guardian has protected the construction workers of America from deadly falls. In the field of construction, experts have attributed falls to the leading cause of death on the work site, according to Capterra. You can lower the risk a fall will be fatal with harnessing and other safety gear.

Guardian Fall Protection manufactures a complete lineup of Guardian Harness products. You have everything you need for the work site from engineered falling protection systems to self-retracting lifelines to ladder and safety products. The mission statement of this company is to save lives and educate the workforce community about proper safety equipment when working on the construction site.

a Guardian fall protection safety kit

Comfort and Safety: Top Priority

Sometimes safety harness brands pour all their love and attention on the safety end, but they forget how construction workers will often be up in these harnesses for six to 12-hour stretches. What do you do in that time frame if the harness feels uncomfortable? Unfortunately, you have only one option, which means you muscle through the hours spent in discomfort and even pain while in the harness.

A Guardian Fall Protection harness does feature more comfort than some of the other choices. When you have a project that calls for sitting in a lift for who knows how long, you need a comfortable harness. Guardian equipment pads every part of the body where you will be in a harness.

Especially when you have to wear heavy bags all day, the burden of the harness starts to tire you out. Guardian Fall Protection equipment sits you in the most comfortable harness and does most of the supporting as you sit in it. For the professional construction worker, this makes a great buy.

Guardian Products You Can Buy

Guardian Fall Protection: Quality

Guardian has achieved a fair level of fame for the quality of their products. When grading their products on quality, we look at comfort, safety, and pricing. Guardian Fall Protection gear ranges in price from $30 to $175. The harnesses normally cost more while the lanyard and other products cost a bit less.

In terms of quality, most people express satisfaction at how Guardian goes the extra mile to make its customers comfortable when in the harness. With some of the other brands, you don’t get that level of thoughtfulness in comfort. Also, the materials used fit well with the stamp of quality. You don’t feel the harness rubbing against your skin and causing irritation. When in the harness all day long, the material supports the human body.

a Guardian orange safety harness

Guardian Fall Protection Pros

  • Padding supports the sensitive areas.
  • Costs less than some of the competitors.
  • Quick release buckles are sweet.
  • The harness doesn’t pinch, ride up or cause entanglement.
  • Comfortable and sturdy.

Guardian Fall Protection Cons

  • Ordering the right size can sometimes be a chore.
  • After a full day of working, the leg straps will sometimes unadjust.
  • Misleading because manufacturers make it sound like the bags are included when they’re not.

Why You Should Buy Your Own Guardian Fall Protection Harness

You want to buy your own harness because you don’t want to be at the mercy of your contractor. Normally, they will purchase the cheapest harnesses money can buy, and they don’t cushion you where needed.

Add a tool belt for all day work 300 feet up in the blazing heat, and you have a recipe for disaster. Along with a recognized and safe brand, you need the excellent cushioning, and the integrated tool belt will make you feel even more comfortable while working at high altitudes.

Will the Guardian Do Its Job?

If the need ever arose, would the Guardian do its job? Ultimately, comfort means nothing if it can’t save your life from a 500-foot drop. With the Guardian product, someone reported an incident where an iron worker fell to their death while trusting the Guardian harnesses.

Malfunctions happen, but it still shows you cannot rely on this product completely to save your life. Guardian has, however, stayed vigilant in hunting and taking out these weaknesses. In one case, the company recalled the Galvanized Cable Edge Series Self-Retracting Line.

Summing It Up

Guardian Fall Protection has had a few errors that have led to injuries and recalls, but when you look at its competitors, all of these brands have also encountered failures at one point or another. Unfortunately, in this field, mistakes in a product cost lives, which is why these companies have to be twice as careful.

All in all, the Guardian Fall Protection gear is a high-quality and durable one. Let us know in the comment section below if you have ever had any experience with this equipment.

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