Occupational health and safety standards established by OHSA require a number of preventive measures to be used on scaffold jobs. Each requirement will be based on the height risk and other environmental factors that may be involved. One sure way to help lower the risk of falling off a scaffold is to use a full body harness for extra fall protection.

There are some important factors to consider like full body harness price, durability, and convenience for your workers. Here are eight great full body harness models, which will help reduce the risk of falling from scaffolding.

*The following harnesses are listed from the least to the most expensive one.

#1. Peakworks V8001000 Construction

a green Peakworks full body harness

Peakworks, like many of the safety harness manufacturers, makes several different models. The V8001000 Construction Harness is one of their more affordable styles that meet compliance standards for scaffold work.

The design offers a universal fit for different size employees. It only weighs 2 pounds, so it doesn’t carry an uncomfortable amount of extra weight for workers, plus it can fold up to conveniently store in a tool belt for quick access if conditions change.

Price: $29.

#2. MSA SAFETY WORKS 10072488

a yellow MSA safety works harness

The MSA Safety Works is a D-ring design full body harness that is great for scaffold work. It is a popular safety harness for scaffold jobs because it’s affordable yet high quality and durable. It fits a wide range of body sizes, so you don’t have to keep several different sizes in stock to fit all your employees.

Price: $32.

#3. Gulfe Warehouse Adjustable Safety Harness Full-Body Picker

a blue Gulfe Warehouse adjustable harness

Situations that need an extra lanyard will appreciate the Gulfe Warehouse Safety Harness. It has a full body harness with shock absorber lanyard. The Gulfe Warehouse is not an overly elaborate harness, so it’s excellent for scaffold situations.

It gives workers the freedom to remove their fall protection equipment in certain situations when falling is not an issue. This harness also stretches with the worker to reduce fatigue.

Price: $35.

#4. FallTech 7015 Contractor Body Harness

a dark blue FallTech full body harness

FallTech has a line of inexpensive, but quality full body safety harness designs, which are excellent for scaffold work. The 7015 Contractor Body Harness is one of their more basic models and is very affordable.

Don’t be misled by the reasonable price, because the 7015 is made of durable, high-quality materials, employing the time-tested FallTech fall protection technology. FallTech manufactures a number of different fall protection harness designs, but the 7015 meets all industry regulations for scaffold fall prevention.

Price: $42.30 (this item is on sale at the moment in which this article was written; its full price is $76).

#5. NARA SAFE, NS9300003 Full Body Harness

a blue Nara safe harness on a plastic support

NARA SAFE provides economical fall protection harnesses. There are more elaborate models with shoulder padding and adjustable leg straps, but the NS930003 Full Body Harness is an excellent choice for use with scaffolding projects.

It will not limit worker movement with unnecessary extra padding used on harnesses where workers are suspended for long periods. This NARA SAFE full body harness has both a dorsal and chest hook for added convenience. The NS90003 meets all OHSA standards and passes international testing requirements.

Price: $45.

#6. KwikSafety Triple D-Ring Full Body Fall Protection Safety Harness

a bright yellow KwikSafety harness

This KwikSafety model is a full body harness with an extra D-Ring configuration than many designs. It provides outstanding worker comfort without sacrificing quality or safety. With the triple ring design, the KwikSafety doubles as an excellent full body climbing harness.

The KwikSafety full body harness is optic yellow, which makes it an excellent choice for jobs where worker visibility is required. It meets all OHSA standards for demolition jobs, welding, or other jobs that require the use of scaffolding.

Price: $60 (this item is on sale at the moment in which this article was written; its full price is $140).

#7. Fusion Climb Vertigo Full Body Adjustable Zipline Harness 23kN

a gray and orange Fusion Climb harness

The Fusion Climb Vertigo is a full body harness with a lightweight body construction rated to 5000 pounds. Both legs have quick-release steel buckles. The Vertigo Zipline 23kN also has both a dorsal and chest hook for safety and convenience. The back plate is reinforced for added safety.

Price: $67.

#8. 3M DBI-SALA Delta 1101827 Full Body Harness

a yellow 3M Delta harness

The DBI-SALA Delta 1101827 is slightly more expensive than some designs adequate for scaffold work. This is a model perfect for job requirements that use scaffolding that is high in the air. The parachute buckle leg straps make it easy to adjust in the middle of a job.

The DBI-SALA provides a double hook system for added security. Using a double ring also lets workers add a full body safety harness double lanyard for more risky situations. Delta has patented its triangular shape, a design that allows the harness to easily fall into place when worn.

Price: $113.

Bottom Line

Frequently scaffold jobs use a number of preventive measures to reduce the risk of falls. However, to be completely secure, you should consider supplying your workers with full body fall protection harnesses as an extra measure of safety. Even if a harness is not required, it shows your concern for the well-being of your workers.

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