The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OHSA), has a series of regulations designed to protect workers. Some of the most rigidly enforced rules are those that apply to fall protection. Falling from elevated workstations is one of the most frequent types of workplace injuries and deaths. That’s why it is important to know the best fall protection harness options on the market.

To help keep employees who must work in situations high in the air, there are a number of measures required to ensure their safety. Handrails are not always practical, plus ropes and clips that are not designed for suspension jobs can be inhibiting. The best way to safely guarantee your workers fall protection is to use a fall protection harness. Here are the most effective and high-quality harnesses you should consider, listed from the least to the most expensive one.

1. Peakworks (4456-KIT03S) V8252356 Fall Protection Harness

a Peakworks protection harness

Peakworks offers a convenient package, with all the components necessary to use their fall protection harness. Peakworks (4456-KIT03S) V8252356 Fall Protection Kit has a 5-point adjustable harness for the chest, legs, and shoulders. This provides a universal fit for all size workers. There are two double locking snap hooks for safety, comfort, and dependability.

With the Peakworks Fall Protection Kit, you will also be able to provide your workers with 6-foot shock absorbing lanyard, plus a two-foot lanyard with tear away webbing.

The safety snap hook is zinc-plated steel for protection and rated to a minimum breaking load of 5000 pounds. The Peakworks Kit is a cost-effective way to provide your workers with fall protection on jobs that use elevated stations. You can purchase it on Amazon, for approximately $64.

2. 3M Protecta Pro

a pink Protecta PRO harness

Pro™ Construction Harnesses provide a full line of OHSA compliant safety harness, which you can use for fall protection. The 3M Protect Pro – Model 1191209 is a reasonably priced model similar to the Miller Warehouse Harness. Unlike the Miller model, the Protect Pro comes in three distinct sizes – small, medium/large and extra-large.

The Protect Pro has a weight capacity of 420 pounds and comes in a gray/red color combination for visual safety enhancement. It has a body belt/hip pad for comfort, with tongue and buckle leg straps. The adjustment feature allows workers to make the job harness changes safely with one hand.

The torso buckles are spring-loaded, so your workers can easily adjust the harness as different work conditions warrant. Padded shoulders and lumbar support also help to keep your employees comfortable while they are working. This product costs $76.

3. Miller Warehouse Picking Harness

a man wearing a Miller fall protection harness

There is a wide array of choices in the Miller fall protection harness product line. Some specialized models are more expensive because they are required to meet written guidelines from OHSA that are more stringent. Miller has a reputation as one of the most highly regarded safety providers, and their harnesses are no exception.

The Warehouse Picking Harness is an economical choice that meets the most basic regulations. It is lightweight and comes in a universal size that fits anyone up to 400 pounds. For $80, you can provide a comfortable fall protection harness that is durable and reliable.

4. Guardian 11171 XL-XXL Seraph Construction Harness

a Guardian XL-XXL harness for fall protection

Another fall protection harness that is line cost wise with the two previous models is the 11171 XL-XXL Seraph Construction Harness. This fall protection harness is 85 dollars but has a number of outstanding features.

There are quick adjusting torso buckles with six points of adjustment. This makes the job adjustments safe and fast. Another unique feature of the Seraph Construction Harness is the stretchability of the shoulder straps. This provides workers with large shoulders an extra measure of comfort.

There are two hammer loops and a padded waist belt. This fall protection harness is specifically designed for workers under 6 feet 3 inches tall and less than 250 pounds maximum weight.

5. Guardian Fall Protection 21065 Cyclone Construction Harness

a black Guardian Cyclone harness

If your level of safety needs to meet industrial safety harness fall protection guidelines, Guardian makes some of the highest quality safety harnesses on the market. The model 21065 Cyclone Construction Harness is an extremely popular style. It blends quality 100% polyester materials for excellent durability with the Guardian trademark for superior quality.

There are easily adjustable combination buckles so your workers can feel secure altering the harness while working. All Guardian harnesses use a unique stitch pattern for improved durability and strength. The shoulder, chest and leg straps are fully adjustable to fit universal size workers. This harness can be bought for the price of $143.

6. Miller Revolution™

a Miller Revolution safety harness

Another excellent fall protection harness is manufactured by Miller is the Revolution™. This harness has quick-connect buckles using a cam design so workers can make adjustments using just one hand. The back ring employs a unique standup design for easy connections.

The chest buckle has a dual-tab mechanism to prevent accidental release. There is an integrated connection system that makes it easy for your workers to safely add tool attachments and accessories. This is harness is similar to the Premium Edge Harness as one of the highest rated in the industry. The Miller Revolution™ harness can be bought on Amazon, and it costs $180.

7. NARA SAFE NS9300010

a green NARA safety harness

NARA SAFE has added the unique feature of high visibility reflective construction to the NS9300010 fall protection harness model. It employs quick connect safety buckles for speed and security.

The standard size fits most workers without any problem. There are two heavily padded shoulders for suspension comfort and a tongue to adjust each leg strap. All NARA SAFE fall protection harnesses have passed testing requirements to meet international fall protection standards, above and beyond OHSA.

This is an excellent harness for rescue, mining, along with other work environments where visibility is limited. There is a single steel dorsal ring and a pair of side D-rings when an extra safety is needed. You can find this product on Amazon and buy it for $186.

8. Guardian 193131 Construction Premium Edge Harness

a blue Guardian 193131 Construction Premium Edge Harness

Guardian makes a second premium construction harness that is viewed as the pinnacle of fall protection safety. The Guardian Fall Protection 193131 Construction Premium Edge Harness has a quick connect chest buckle with an over-sized hook. There are five adjustment points on both the shoulder and leg straps, and both the shoulders and waist belt are thickly padded.

This Guardian fall protection harness allows workers to remain suspended comfortably for long periods. The slide on tool belt is included in the basic package for jobs that require extra items to be conveniently accessible. In 2007, the Construction Premium Edge Harness earned the International Design Excellence Award for construction fall protection equipment. The price of this Guardian harness is $189.

9. Petzl Pro Avao Bod Croll Fast Harness

a black Avao Bod Croll safety harness

This is one of the highest rated fall protection harness models available. The Petzl Pro Avao Bod Croll fall protection harness employs an X-shaped dorsal construction design to completely envelop the user. This helps to evenly distribute pressure for improved comfort during long periods of suspension. The shoulder straps are self-locking twin back buckles for easy adjustment.

If you employ workers who have to remain suspended for long periods, this is a very popular fall protection harness style. The Petzl has both a tool holder clip and special tool pouch. There are also retainers to add extra tool holding clips. The Croll Fast design enhances the safety factor by allowing workers to hang from the dorsal attachment point in the event of a fall.

You can purchase this fall protection harness on Amazon. It costs $490.

10. MSA Universal Full Body Harness

a MSA Universal fall protection harness

The MSA Universal Full Body Harness is a multi-type fall protection harness with a 400-pound weight capacity. It has a back D-ring with two chest strap buckles for enhanced worker safety.

The MSA Universal fits a number of different body sizes since it has conveniently adjustable leg straps. The yellow color makes this an excellent fall protection harness for work areas where worker visibility is a concern.

It has durable, with lightweight webbing, which also provides protection for work situations that use corrosive materials. The hardware is stainless steel to prevent rust if the harness is used in wet conditions. This is an excellent harness for working with hazardous chemicals or inclement weather situations.

*The price of this harness is not listed on the website provided by us, but you can always request information on that site if you’re interested in buying it. 

The Importance of a Good Fall Protection Harness

Good employers pay extremely close attention to the safety level they provide their workers. While some use equipment just to meet OHSA fall protection regulations, you can choose a fall protection harness that is both safe and comfortable for your workers.

Asking how long is a fall protection harness good for is a priority question when looking for the best models. The fall protection equipment on this list of quality harnesses is each manufactured for durability while stressing safety first.

Putting It All Together

Providing fall protection for your workers is a requirement to meet OHSA job site regulations, but also in the best interest of your valued employees. If you select a fall protection harness that is durable and comfortable, you can consistently meet OHSA fall protection compliance standards, plus keep your employees comfortable and safe.

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