Elevators are a vital component to many homes and businesses for the ease of travel or transporting goods from one floor to the next. And just like any other building equipment, it is important to keep it well maintained in order to ensure its safety and function.

Whether your building has an existing elevator system, you want to modernize your system, or you wish to install a new elevator into your building, one thing is certain; at some point, it will require elevator repair service to keep it running smoothly and safely.

When hiring an elevator repair service, the following tips will help make the hiring process go more smoothly.

Elevator Repair Service – Things to Consider

elevator repair service1. Contact the Installer or Manufacturer of Your Elevator Equipment for Repairs

If your exiting elevator system has encountered issues, and it is less than 10 years old, consider using the installer or manufacturer of your elevator for service repairs.

The original installer, as well as the manufacturer, often provide the best parts and technical service for your elevator system. However, if the unit is more than 10 years old, some parts may be harder to locate, or no longer be available. In addition, the level of expertise concerning your product may have diminished due to the development of newer models.

2. Careful When Servicing Older Model Elevators

When maintaining older or non-conforming elevator systems, it is important to note that the same parts are generally available to most companies throughout the field. Therefore, you want to find the company with the finest service mechanics and systems, finest service management, finest parts locator, and who takes pride in servicing both new and older model equipment. Beware of older equipment mechanics, who may be more interested in selling new equipment than they are in training their employees to service older equipment.

3. Installing or Modernizing Your Elevator System

At some point, your new or existing elevator system will require maintenance in order to keep it running smoothly and properly.

In some cases, the elevator system has outperformed its life expectancy, in which case, older parts may no longer be available, or the service upgrades required to meet current building codes may prove too costly, which means the entire system may need to be replaced.

In most states, when a new elevator system is installed, it usually requires at least two professionals. They will first stabilize the system by securing the hoistway to prevent movement. Next, they will disassemble the driving machine, controller, and door equipment to begin construction. The elevator ceilings and walls may also be removed.

Lastly, the old equipment will most likely be hoisted out through the lower floor, and the new equipment will be hauled in, in its place. In some instances, cranes will also be used in installation.

The controller, which will be minimally wired, is then used to manually move the elevator into its proper position. The system is then completely wired to the new controller to enable automatic use.

Once the new system is installed, it is checked for overall performance and safety including the handling of various loads, which is performed by all relevant agencies.

Once the system satisfies all tests, it is then issued a certificate of occupancy, in which case, it is authorized for passenger use.

4. Select Only the Most Qualified Technicians

Because of the complexity and hazard of elevator equipment, repairs and installations must be left to qualified professionals. Improperly repaired or installed systems can cause harm or stalling, which can negatively affect your company. Therefore, be sure to select only the most qualified technicians to ensure quality repairs.

The qualifications, experience, and credentials of technicians can be verified by viewing permits, licenses, training documents and certificates.

5. Locate the Best Providers of Elevator Maintenance Service

The best place to find good elevator maintenance services is to consult with other local building managers and owners about who they use for their elevator repair and maintenance.

Once you contact the company, ask for local references of other buildings they maintain, especially buildings with elevator systems similar to yours. This will enable you to assess the knowledge, skills, and support of the company in regards to maintaining your elevator system.

Also, request the same local mechanic for which you have received positive feedback to perform your elevator repairs. In addition, inquire about expected performance and maintenance agreements relative to your service in order to prevent misunderstandings.

Some other things to consider when locating a good elevator repair service provider include cost, warranty, service frequency, and customer service.

6. Meet the Tenant Expectations

Once repairs, renovation or installation begins on the elevator system, it is impossible to cease construction; therefore, it is important to provide tenants with as much notice as possible. Most elevator repair services also offer an accelerated option, which can decrease service time by 3 to 4 weeks, depending on the magnitude of the job.

During construction, an elevator consultant will be present to write the specifications and oversee the progress of the job and communicate all aspects of the project, including time frames for elevator downtime, to the building, so they can keep residents informed.

What are the Benefits of Elevator Repair Service?

elevator repair serviceThe main benefit of elevator repair service is that it helps prevent elevator downtime, which can hinder the transport of goods and affect costs. It also ensures that tenants everyday lives are unhindered, which can enhance your company’s reputation.

The modernization of your elevator system can increase your building’s property value, and encourage potential tenants to rent or buy property within the building.

If your building is without an elevator system, installing a new system will not only increase the status of your building but also benefit those who may not be able to climb stairs.

How Much Does Elevator Repair Service Cost?

The cost of elevator installation and repair varies depending on the different steps involved as well as the extensive amount of service required, including ensuring the elevator is safe. However, according to reports, the average cost to install a new elevator system ranges between $20,000 to $28,000 for two to three story buildings and approximately $75,000 to $150 000 for larger buildings, which typically includes the cab, the gates, entry doors, pneumatic system, electronic panels, phone installation for emergencies, safety inspection, and more.

The average cost to repair an elevator typically ranges between $320 to $1,000, depending on the size and complexity of your elevator system.

Just like a car, it is important to maintain your elevator system in order to ensure occupant safety, mobility and accessibility, so never put off repairs.