Electric baseboard heaters provide a safe, energy efficient way to warm your building. They require minimal space, due to their ultrathin design, and are basically unnoticeable.

They vary in width and watts (from about 500 – 2,500 watts), which determines their ability to heat a room swiftly, and can be used for a variety of applications, including residential applications, washrooms, commercial offices, and more. Alternatively, they can be used as a supplemental heating source on per-room basis in bedrooms, hallways, or lobbies etc.

Electric baseboard heaters utilize the process of convection, where cooler air in the area is pulled into the bottom of the heater, where it is warmed, and then rises into the room, which makes them especially useful in drafty areas, such as below windows. These heaters are available in portable form, or they can be wired in the location where you mount it, and they can be customized to satisfy specific size and design necessities.

Best Electric Baseboard Heaters

Dimplex PC4015W31

This heater ranks highest for heating efficiency. In addition, it includes a built-in thermostat. This enables you to control the single unit’s heat without requiring a wall-mounted control, as opposed to other units which require whole-house syncing to control various heaters from a single wall-mounted thermostat. However, it can also operate with 347 and 208-volt wires for three-way systems, if you’re wiring heaters to various thermostat controls.

The Dimplex PCPC4015W31 is a great choice for buildings that are not currently wired for wall-mounted thermostats, as it provides a low-cost way to heat your unit without hiring an electrician to include wiring behind your walls. It is 6.63 inches in height, 60 inches wide and provides 2500 watts of power, which is an ideal choice for spaces up to 250 square feet. It also includes a 10-year warranty.

Cadet 8F2000W

This heater is one of the widest baseboard heaters available, at 96 inches, and is a great choice for warming areas up to 200 square feet, or larger, for areas with updated insulation.

The Cadet 8F2000W is hailed as one of the most powerful electric baseboard heaters and can be wired for whole-house syncing. In addition, it includes an onboard thermostat accessory for external thermostat control and 2,000 watts of power.

It is encased in 24-gauge steel and 20-gauge junction boxes for added durability and includes numerous mounting points along the rear for added stability. The junction boxes are located on each side of the unit for easy access to supply and grounding wires from its mounted position.

The unit includes easy-to-follow wiring instructions and a lifetime warranty for both the heating elements and the parts.

Cadet 4F1000W

This baseboard heater is one of the most popular units due to its compact design and reduced heat loss. Though it isn’t as powerful as larger units, it is a great option for heating rooms up to 100 square feet on a room-by-room basis.

The Cadet 4F1000W includes universal wiring on both ends for single heater controlling via a 240-watt system, or it can be used for whole-home syncing between numerous units. It swiftly warms most common room sizes and is durable enough to withstand the harshness of everyday use.

This unit includes a lifetime warranty and access to the manufacturer’s website, which includes several resources and tools to assist with wiring.

King 8CB2415BW

The King 8CB2415BW, which measures more than 8 feet wide, is a great choice for large rooms or areas up to 300 square feet. This high-power unit is one of the only baseboard heaters to use a ceramic heating element to heat a room and provides up to 1,500 watts of power when wired.

It includes premium-grade aluminum fins between the bottom and top vent panels for more improved heat transfer than what traditional heaters are able to achieve. What’s more, it has a full-length capillary sensor that automatically shuts off the unit if the surface becomes too hot.

In addition, it is designed for both double and single pole unit-mounted thermostats, which are sold separately, and includes a 5-year warranty.

Cadet 2F500W

This heater is a great option for small rooms up to 85 square feet in older homes because of its low-level heat and limited wiring compatibility. For best results, place it under a window.

The Cadet 2F500W is made of rugged steel for increased durability. Its practical design makes it perfect for new construction. It includes a lifetime warranty, which makes it a great choice over competitors. This is one electric baseboard heater that’s built to last.

What Are the Benefits of Installing Electric Baseboard Heaters?

installing a baseboard heater on the wall

There are many benefits of installing electric baseboard heaters in a building. The main benefit is that it provides an effective, yet affordable, solution for heating the entire building.

Another benefit of installing baseboard heaters is they require no ductwork, like forced air units, so they are easier to install. This is especially beneficial in older buildings where adding ducts may not be an option. Furthermore, since there is no ductwork involved, they don’t require regular service like forced air units.

Baseboard heaters also provide quiet operation and even heat distribution as opposed to forced air units that are typically noisy and deliver heat in sporadic blasts, for a cozier option.

How Much Will Installing Baseboard Heaters Cost?

Baseboard heaters range in price depending on the size and wattage of the unit and your location. However, according to reports, on average, the cost to install a single basic electrical baseboard unit typically ranges between $150-$200.

Installation for whole-home wiring, another factor in the price, generally requires the service of a professional electrician who typically charges between $75-$250 per hour for installation.

In the end, though to warm an entire building using electric baseboard heaters may require electrical wiring, it still provides a far more affordable solution than installing air ducts for forced-air heating, which can cost around $5,000 or more.

When selecting electric baseboard heaters for your building, consider the units reviewed above, which have been tried and tested for voltage compatibility and heating efficiency. They are hailed as some of the best electric baseboard heaters in the industry and should not disappoint.