Everyday technology continues to evolve into more convenient and more intelligent systems that drag us into the 21st century. Smart buildings have made the tech news recently because of the advanced equipment from a number of manufacturers, and you can steer this technology in a specific direction to achieve business goals using the single user interface. Here are some of the best building automation systems to bring your building up to the next level.

#1: Delta Controls

Delta Controls spins the ball in a new way as we have a smarter and more convenient solution called BACnet. This broadens the building owner’s sphere of influence where they have the freedom to pick out the equipment they want from a number of manufacturers. They control all of it through a single user interface. Delta is the first of its type to offer this form of solution.

Where else does Delta distinguish itself?

  • Product design.
  • Operation.
  • Installation.

#2: Echelon

Whether you have parking lots, walkways or garages, the Intelligent Networked Lighting from Echelon brings you impressive energy cost savings. This company takes an open-standards based approach, and they move their lighting above and beyond basic utility. Instead, they turn it into a strategic asset where you can save money. In fact, in the case of David Knapp Ford, Echelon dropped the company’s energy bills by 84 percent. This BAS system is worth trying.

#3: Cisco Systems, Inc

A well-known and recognized name, Cisco Systems, Inc earns its spot on this list because of its reputation as a technological hub. For years this company has been known as the accelerator of digital transformation. Over the years, they have helped companies in every size revolutionize how employees connect, communicate and collaborate with each other. As far as building automation systems go, this is one of your better choices on the market.

Some of the possible reasons to pick this system include:

  • Good pricing.
  • Network security.
  • Solid product to meet your goals.
  • Easy infrastructure implementation.

an illustration of a smart home controller

 #4: Tridium Inc

One of the building automation systems known as a global leader in business application frameworks, Tridium fundamentally changed the paradigm for how systems and devices connect. They exhibit a passion for innovating, and the company continues to develop and improve the concept known as the Internet of Things where all devices in the future will operate off the Internet of Things.

Imagine turning on the office coffee maker with your smartphone. Tridium especially helps create building automation systems where you have an open framework and environment to change the rules of how this automation technology operates.

#5: Metasys

Thanks to Metasys, building automation systems have accomplished a new level of smartness. This technology comes together to make up the modern building technology of today, and it all looks pretty cool. Some of the things this intelligent technology helps within buildings include:

  • HVAC.
  • Security.
  • Lighting.
  • Mobile access.

This technology enables people to communicate everything needed from a single device. You can deliver the information needed, and this lets you make savvier and smarter business decisions while still having a more productive, safe and comfortable work environment. This is one of the building automation systems that has been lovingly referred to as the world’s smartest building automation system.

#6: Zigbee Alliance

Zigbee has designed and sold global building automation systems that have become known as the next world standard in technology. Through this system, you have reliable monitoring of your commercial buildings, and you can take advantage of the BACnet approved wireless mesh network standard for commercial buildings.

When you use the most innovative products, you grab the reins of control. Previously, these things were unreachable, but not anymore with today’s advancements. Some of the benefits of going with this technology include:

  • Cost efficient.
  • Eliminate the web of wires previously needed to manage your building.
  • People and processes no longer need to relocate.
  • Create structural restrictions.
  • Reconfigure space.

an illustration of a commercial building automation

#7: Siemens Building Automation

Ever wished you could save money through the reduction of energy consumption? Siemens offers you a powerful solution that you can implement in buildings of every size, shape, type and for each use. You can control a variety of building disciplines, such as heating, HVAC, ventilation, blinds, lights, and even safety controls.

You can also control your energy usage, and the efficient and innovative energy saving function makes it easier than ever before. Siemens Building Automation has ultimately been designed to coordinate and unify everything at the management level. Lower your energy bills and enjoy a more intelligent building.

#8: IBM Building Automation

In the past, the older building automation systems suffered from a disorganized lack of integration. Today, data collecting gets used to improve and showcase the different aspects of a business. Facilities will often experience persisting challenges that you can better address when you understand what’s going on in each personalized scenario.

When you integrate the analytics of building data with IBM Building Automation, you can optimize the performance of the building and figure out the best repairs and occupancy. This system hands you value to expand your business units and upgrade and improve the efficiency.

Drawing to a Close

What is the definition of BMS? Basically, the BMS definition is that it stands for, “Building Management System.” This control system operates from the computer, and it monitors every from the electrical equipment to the HVAC settings to security and lighting systems. What it monitors depends on the system you choose.

Which one of the building automation systems do you use? We’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions on which system you think expands your view over your building. The right system generates increased savings, higher productivity, and greater comfort.

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