You’re a building manager, and your job needs a great deal of attention to detail. The modern appliances that operate and are used by a building are often taken for granted. You know their importance. It’s only when they malfunction that laymen become aware of them. You should know how important maintenance is, though.

Building maintenance is an ongoing task, and there’s one way to help you do a better job of it. The solution is with facility automation. Building automation is a complex connection of functions in a building that runs by computed triggers. These tasks in building automation systems cover all areas of building systems, lighting, power, ventilation, fire, and security system. In this article, we are going to take a closer look into building automation and share with you its advantages.

What Is Building Automation?

Building AutomationBuilding automation takes the traditional work of building maintenance to an entirely different level. There’s a number of small monitoring tasks that all building managers have to implement. With computerized components, a lot of the monitoring that you would normally do is done already with automation.

From gauging temperatures to localizing areas that are in need of repairs, building automation is the most efficient way of managing a building’s needs. To date, automation is adaptable for small residential spaces to the largest commercial buildings ever erected.

Building automation is often a “set-it-and-forget-it” component. Automated building systems are operated by a control center or module. These systems can be connected to lighting for the entire building. Systems can also be created for managing how and when the doors to a building lock or unlock.

Automation to manage a building is often most helpful during emergencies. A sensor sensitive building system enables building managers to identify the location of a threat or malfunctioning component. This reduces the time it takes to respond to malfunctions and to begin repairing existing issues.

How Can Building Automation Help?

Building Automation SystemsLet building automation make your job easier. There are many ways that it can help. Going from managing a building without automation to managing one with automation is a life changer. The common daily tasks become managed with automation. This, therefore, changes how you do your job.

Here are other ways it can help:

Energy Savings

Any functioning building uses energy. Anyone who manages or owns a building should, therefore, be aware of energy costs. Energy, as a whole, is a monthly cost that rises yearly. When tracked, statistics show us that electricity alone outpaces the rate of inflation.

It would be foolish to let your energy cost grow without you doing something about it. The way you regain control is by choosing to upgrade to an automated building system. Doing so not only manages the use of electricity but having monitors and special sensors can also decide when and when not to use energy. You save money on energy cost when implementing building automation.

Overall Security

Twenty-four-hour security is always better than no security at all. This kind of 24/7 monitoring is also more effective than a 12-hour labor shift. History shows us that using technology to monitor crime results in effective security components. From CCTV systems to world-class alarm systems, there’s a great deal to gain.

But crime isn’t the only aspect that security in building automation can offer. You also have security in the form of safety. Building automation gives you the best tools to isolate a chemical leak. It can also isolate the presence of fire once the system components have triggered an alarm. You get overall safety and security with building automation.

Improved Efficiency

Though residential spaces also have the advantage of efficiency, efficiency is most important for the business owner. It’s every business’s responsibility to improve the operation of their businesses. What this means is that more gets done, it gets done easier and gets done with less cost.

By using building automation, you shorten the workload and processes in building management. There are fewer people to hire and more work completed within a single day. This invites a great amount of productivity and efficiency to those who use automation.

Ease Of Use

Lastly, you get an advanced building system that can be used with relative ease. These automated systems are great because they’re controlled by simple control systems. This is true even for HVAC building automation. The average person may not be able to repair malfunctioning parts. On the other hand, anyone can operate automation.

How Much Does Building Automation Cost?

Building Automation SystemsLow End

On the low end, building automation can cost as little as $67. Just don’t expect to get that lucky every day. Low-end estimations are related to specific functions and specs. For an overall cost of $67, you won’t get a full, all-out system.

Middle End

On middle ground, building automation will cost roughly $564 to $2,260. These prices ranges are from a combination of home repairs, medium to small installations and buildings that use only fundamental automation processes.

High End

On the higher end of building automation, the prices cover the installation of full, complete systems. The higher-end cost also comes from integrating hardwired components that become a part of your building or home.

Are There Taxes and Fees to Implement Building Automation?

The fees, taxes, and regulations that come along with building automation are controlled locally. Charges you face will be issued from your local jurisdiction. Please check with your building automation provider or your local town hall for info on fees and taxes.

This is your overview of a building automation system. At this point, you should know how automation works and how it can help you. Building owners, manager, and residential owners have enjoyed the benefits of automation for many years. From managing electricity to improving your overall security, automation does it.

The ability to oversee an automation system is also simple for you. You won’t get bogged down. These systems are designed to be used without much complication. Today is the day you can start. The technology always grows and makes building maintenance an easy job for you.