When choosing building automation companies, there are many different options. Making the best decision requires weighing what your building needs and finding a firm that meets those demands. For example, maybe you need a service to lock and unlock your building’s doors every night. Or maybe you just need building automation companies that can install high-quality automatic temperature control.

To help you in this decision-making process, we are highlighting the five best building automation companies on the market today. Each of these companies will provide you with many benefits that make them well worth your consideration. Make sure to read through this information carefully before making your decision.

Schneider electric website homepage

1. Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric is one of the longest-lasting building automation companies on this list. They started in the 1800s when the Schneider brothers joined the steel and machine industry. As the company expanded after two world wars, it became a major player in the growing world of automation.

It has created a wide variety of technological breakthroughs and analytical processes for your building automation needs. What makes this company stand out is its dedication to innovation on a variety of fronts. For example, it has acquired many different businesses, including Merlin Gerin and Lexel, to expand its operating range.

One of its biggest acquisitions was the Triconex brand in 2014. This firm has created some of the most attractive and useful building automation systems on the market, including automatic door locking systems and light systems that can be operated on a mobile device.

Johnson Controls Inc headquarters digital map

2. Johnson Controls Inc.

Johnson Controls is a global company that has become a leader in multiple different industries in over 150 countries. They invented the first electric thermostat in 1885 and still create new and innovative products to this day. As one of the top building automation companies in the world, they are responsible for a variety of innovative products that focus primarily on urban control systems.

Currently, they operate in over 2,000 cities spread across the world and about 120,000 total employees. This expansive operation scope has made them one of the most famous of all building automation companies in the world today. They particularly focus on purpose-led building designs. This concept means that every automation product added to a building serves a particular purpose.

As a result, they make over $37.7 billion every year and are number 272 on the Fortune 500 list. If you want a company that has a built-in legacy of lasting success, this is the right choice for your building automation needs.

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3. Scientific Conservation, Inc.

Scientific Conservation Inc. focuses heavily on creating a useful software platform for building automation. Unlike other building automation companies that focus on hardware, they are interested in saving you money by providing you a streamlined operating platform. As a result, they are an excellent choice for those who don’t have a lot of money to spend.

Their services vary depending on your needs. For example, they have predictive diagnostics, analytical services, energy-conservation, maintenance procedure, and proactive building automation. Their designs streamline the operation of your building and work to create a system that is easy to understand and control. As a result, a growing number of people are considering their services.

This building automation company is particularly popular with commercial building owners because they provide products and services for this unique marketplace. While residential properties can benefit from their services, there are other firms that better suit those needs.

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4. Siemens Building Technologies

Of all the building automation companies on this list, it is possible that Siemens is the best known. This European company has spread all around the globe. It currently helps dozens of countries with its automation services. Their North American office is located in Buffalo Grove, Illinois. From here, they provide a variety of different products for building owners like you.

For example, they are well-known for their fire protection, life safety, security, automation, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and energy management services. Simens has a Building Automation Unit or BAU that is designed to help buildings become more sustainable, efficient, and intelligent in their energy use. However, Siemens also offers services for maintenance and extending equipment life cycles.

Where they stand out is their use of Control Products and Systems or CPS to make a building more comfortable for its residents. Its global reach and brand name have become legendary among people who are looking for the best building automation companies in the world.

some Trane building automation system devices next to a modern building made of glass

5. Trane Global Control Systems

While Trane is known primarily as an HVAC company, they also provide a variety of building automation systems for your needs. Their position as the world leader in air conditioning systems has helped them expand beyond their initial reach and provide simple and effective automation products for your building control needs.

Of all the building automation companies on our list, Trane is probably the most limited. They focus primarily on temperature control and not light or energy conservation. However, you can still benefit from their high-quality products. For example, their efficient systems are perfect for those who just need building automation for their temperature control.

Beyond that advantage, their services are beneficial for a large number of building types. For example, one can install them in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. As a result, they are the most diverse and useful option for those who need building automation companies.

Final Thoughts

So, how do you choose between these high-quality building automation companies? That choice all depends on your needs. Each of these companies has their benefits that make them worth considering. For example, Trane focuses heavily on air conditioning and is perfect if you require building automation companies for that need.

However, Siemens is an excellent all-around choice for a company that can handle every aspect of this process. It is hard to go wrong when you choose any one of these great building automation companies. Make sure to do a little research on the needs of your building and talk to these firms today to see how they can help.

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